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Created for Long-Term Care providers, iCareManager was designed to help you manage your business with ease, empower your staff with the tools and information they need to do their jobs successfully and provide better care and a better experience for your residents and clients.

Easy to use EHR Software

We have developed an easy to use, robust system, to help elevate your business, care and profits.

Throughout every step of your management and administration as well as resident cycle of care, iCM offers powerful tools to make the delivery, coordination and management of care, as well as managing of your business, easy.

Your Partner in Providing Better Care.

Easy access to all the information you need to provide your clients with world-class care. Available on all your devices.

Automate Your Facility Operations & Management.

Reduce the amount of time you spend managing your staff. Automate tasks like coordinating training, managing schedules and timecards and setting up permissions.

Technology That Improves Care Coordination.

Our software makes communication between care facilities and pharmacies easy. Coordinate resident care with easy to use technology.

Alerts & Workflows To Help You Stay Compliant.

Notifications and alerts keep you informed of any critical oversights in resident care. Built-in workflows help you to automate corrective actions.

Cycle of Care

Worried about the buying and learning an EHR? iCareManager makes the transition easy with a quick implementation and an easy to understand application. We work with your management team to ensure a smooth transition and experience.

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