Trend Analysis &

Get meaningful insight to your organization and uncover trends

Alerts, Notifications, &

A thoughtful system that informs you and your staff when something’s missing

Mitigate Risks

Identify potential areas of concern, take corrective actions, reduce liability

Manage Residents

Maintain a full set of medical information for each resident such as Medications, PMOFs, Care Notes, Incident Reports, Assessments, daily vitals and more

Interoperability & Care Coordination

Help your staff be more productive by sharing information with providers, pharmacies, and other health care professionals

Care Plans &

Generate comprehensive Diagnosis based Care Plans and conduct routine Assessments to monitor the health needs of your residents.


Reduce medication errors, eliminate paper based MARs, and get real-time view of medication administration activities

Manage Staff & Facilities

Manage documentation for your staff & facilities such as training documents, shift schedules, time cards, and fire & disaster drills

Tasks & Workflow

Streamline your workflow by automatically generating tasks from care plans

See all of these features in action

How to get your staff trained?

We have built iCM in a way so that it is easy for your staff to learn and train on the system. While we provide as much technical support and training to your staff as required, we also provide video based training and help sessions directly from within iCM so in case your staff forgets how to do something, they can quickly watch the video.

How we protect your data?

iCM is a secure cloud-based software system that partially operates in the Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud. All data traffic to and from iCM is encrypted including the PHI which is still encrypted when it is stored in the databases. In addition to technology based safeguards, iCM maintains and follows an elaborate set of policies and procedures for disaster recovery and business continuity for our customers.