October 4, 2019 | By: admin_icm

Stay on top of Incident Reporting with iCM

iCM’s new Incident Reporting Center is designed to help you to efficiently manage incidents that impact the lives of people you support, from the time of the initial report by a Direct Support Professional, all the way through to the reporting and closure of investigations.

Now you’ve got…

  • A simple Incident Communication form for DSP’s to notify you of an incident. Staff can upload documents, such as a discharge summary or photos, and also draw on a body form to indicate an injury.
  • Customizable incident types, allowing you to define what types of incidents you want reports on, even if they are not considered to be an “incident” in policy.
  • Status tracking throughout incident reporting process, and custom alerts at any stage. For example, the team can get an alert when the investigation has been reported, or you could set up an alert to notify the nurse of any new incident. Or, Quality can get an alert when a report is ready to be sent off to the state.
  • Tracking of important dates, such as when the follow-up report is due based on the type of incident, as well as when you send the reports to the state and your Standing Committee.
  • A portal for Quality where you can store all your witness statements and investigation notes, and generate a packet of Agency Investigation Reports to share with your Standing Committee.


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