Implementing Electronic Documentation like a Pro

iCareManager May 18, 2020
Best Electronic Health Record System Documentation - iCareManger
Getting optimal benefit out of any software system requires careful planning and direction. We’ve compiled a quick reference checklist for you to get the most out of your electronic documentation system’s implementation at your agency:

1- Ensure the system is implemented in all of your programs

Make sure the software system is implemented in all of your programs so that you can benefit fully from cross-functional work and collaboration.

2- Ensure all key modules are fully implemented and activated

If any module is not fully implemented yet, you can work with the software company’s customer super team to get it implemented remotely.

3- Ensure that all of your staff are trained on how to use the system in their day-to-day activities

Also, make sure that all training material and knowledge repository is available for existing and new employees. Work-from-home staff should be able to access all training materials online.

4- Ensure missing module data is added

If you have any missing module data, you can use your idle staff that is currently working from home to fill that in. You will be able to benefit more from the system and its reporting mechanisms (and stay compliant) if it is updated with the latest information on all your programs.

5- Ensure that permissions and modules are assigned and turned on according to staff roles

You can restrict or open access to modules within the system. System admins get full control over all the modules and permission-setting capabilities.

6- Ensure reliable hardware is available for staff to work remotely

Since a number of your staff is operating from home these days, you will have to make sure they have reliable laptops or computers to access the system without an issue.

As always, we’re here to help. Let us know if there is anything we can facilitate you with.