New CareTracker Permissions and other recent software updates

iCareManager June 3, 2020
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New CareTracker Permissions
Our new CareTracker Permissions will allow you to decide whether certain roles of staff have access to view Care Tracker services for programs to which they are not assigned.
COVID-19 Line Report
The COVID-19 Line Report required by the State in certain cases can be set up as a service in CareTracker and captured daily for people you support. We have a new report in BIRT, which allows you to pull CareTracker services globally, called Care Tracker Log 2020. This gives you the ability to capture the necessary information, and report on it quickly and efficiently.
New Messaging Module
Our new messaging module features an enhanced user experience, threads, forwards, cc and bcc, print, and much more. If you don’t want to send a private message, you can also @mention your staff to notify them of messages within specific modules (e.g. CareTracker, ABC Data Form, BSP Note section)
In each Funding Stream, you can customize Present and Absent Codes, allowing you to keep track of present or absent days related to COVID-19, while also recording start/end time as needed for a particular service. You can then view a summary of the information in the Attendance Report, right from the attendance screen, by exporting it to excel.
COVID-19 Tracking for DDA Providers
If you are supporting someone with COVID-19 there are a number of things you have to capture for them and report on. To support you in your efforts, we have made some enhancements to attendance, and have some tips to help you with the COVID-19 line report.
The Care Tracker is Now Filterable by Type
Staff can now filter the list of services to be provided in the Care Tracker by Type. This helps drill down on what the staff needs to document on, saving them time and making it easier to get to the information.
Training Module Enhancements
We have added Assessments, Allergies, and Diagnoses to the list of types of person-specific training that you can set a policy on. What does this mean for you? Anything listed under assessments (ratio, unsupervised time, etc), allergies, or diagnosis can have their own training policy just like a PCP or BSP.
Provider Implementation Plan Updates
You have a new agency setting called PIP Settings where you can decide what types of sections your staff can generate on the PIP.
New Report: Staff Assigned To
Need to see who is assigned to who? Check out the new report under Reports – Info – Staff Assigned to Report. This shows you a nice list of each staff and what people and programs they have access to.
Sliding Scale Insulin
We have added some special instructions and enhanced functionality when people are on sliding scale insulin.
Clinical Services: Functional Assessment
The Functional Assessment is completed by the clinical staff. It includes a summary of referral information, assessment procedures and results, background information, and clinical recommendations. It provides a statement of the next steps as a result of the assessment, including recommendations for a BSP if needed. The assessment is signed electronically.
Person-Specific Training Enhancements
The PCP training is now triggered by the PCP Implementation Date. You can set a policy based on how many days before or after the PCP implementation date that staff needs to be trained. Since we launched the virtual training option last month, over 300 staff have been trained virtually in iCM! We are so glad that this is a helpful feature, especially during times when remote opportunities are essential.
Medical Appointment Documents Update
We updated the medical appointments screen. When you click Documents next to an appointment, a section will appear called Manage Appointment Documents where you can manage the PMOF and the Medical Appointment along with that single appointment, grouping them together and making it easier to create and manage these documents for each appointment.
PCP Review 
The Person-Centered Plan Review is a process that is used to monitor and report on how a person is doing throughout the PCP year, keeping an eye on goal progress, medical events, and any additional service needs. Whether you complete your reviews monthly, quarterly, or weekly – iCM’s new PCP Review gives you a nice way to review the data that is already in iCM, comment and make recommendations based on the data, and generate a fancy report.
New & Improved Individualized Schedule
We’ve upgraded the view of the individualized schedule which can be seen in a daily, weekly, or monthly view, and can also be printed in any view. You can easily identify gaps in a person’s schedule, which can help with planning future activities and experiences. This is also great supporting documentation to provide to DDA during Site Validation visits.
Referral for Psych Services
Now, staff can make a referral to your clinical staff to request assistance with psych or behavioral concerns. From the e-Chart, the staff who works with the person can make a referral, filling out a few simple fields about the reason for the referral, availability, and contact information. Upon review of the form, the clinical staff completes their section which includes a description of the intervention, and follow-up recommendations for support. This includes the outcome/disposition and a selection of the next steps, such as Functional Assessment, BSP. If either of these is needed, they will have a task to complete these items in their My Work.
Clinical Contact Note Template
There is a new ability for you to develop a template for your Clinical Contact Note. Here you can decide how the services should be worded – based on waiver service definitions or your internal language.
Monitors & Baselines Enhancements: Seizure Logs, BMs, and more
We have created the ability for you to track monitors and baselines on a scheduled and as-needed basis in the Care Tracker. This includes blood sugar checks, vital signs/BP, weight record, bowel movement, and seizure record. You can now assign this tracking to multiple programs.
Enhanced Service Notes
A service note is your billing justification document, showing the units and start/end time billed for, and all the services that were completed in the CareTracker. Gone are the days of daily progress notes; with our service note, the information captured in the CareTracker with a few simple clicks from staff pulls into your service note.
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