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iCM's leadership team has a unique combination of care providers, technology architects, operational management, user experience designers, and LTSS project managers.

iCM has one mission: to enable long term care providers to excel at what they do best. With iCM as the technology backbone, organizations can focus on providing exceptional supports and services to the people that they serve. We strive to improve healthcare operations and deliver new technological experiences for long-term care organizations.

iCM was formed in 2010 when a team of long-term care providers and software engineers came together to make the software experience of running such organizations better. We are passionate about solving problems in the management and administration of long term care through technology.

We make it easy for organizations to manage their entire cycle of care through our interoperable features that connect pharmacies, providers, and other healthcare professionals for easy and secure sharing of information.

Our Leadership Team

Kamal Sheikh

Co-founder & CEO

Babar Nawaz

Co-founder & COO

Daphni Steffin

Chief Product Officer

Amna Quraishi

Head of Marketing

Candice Urch

Customer Success Manager

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