Understanding the 'Care Tracker' Module

For provision, tracking and service note-taking of value-based services

Daily documentation done in just a few clicks

With the new Care Tracker, administrators of community-based service programs can monitor their services remotely with real-time visibility into the status of such services being provided – everything from everyday activities of daily living, to progress toward a person’s desired goals and outcomes. This information is then easily flowed into Service Notes, which for some organizations can be a billable document.

Gone are the days of daily notes – with a few simple clicks, DSP’s complete their daily documentation in the new Care Tracker.

Benefits of using the iCM CareTracker Module

Log & Track Support

Your staff can track and log all the support they provide in a simple manner, including activities of daily living, desired goals & outcomes, etc.

Be Paperless

Ensure that your organization is paperless and digital. Benefits include saving time, maintaining records, reducing transcription costs, streamlining workflows.

Prepare Service Notes

The system aggregates daily clicks into meaningful person-centered data with graphs, and share them as Service Notes.

Bill Better

With Service Notes, you can bill for your services in a more efficient manner by sharing data on goal progressions.