About Us

We are a team of motivated care-givers and engineers involved in a constant cycle of building solutions for the long-term-care.

Innovate. Solve. Build.

Innovate. Solve. Build..

Innovate. Solve. Build...

Innovate. Solve. Build....

2765 +

Active Facilities & Sites

75 K+

Daily Meds Passed

15 K+

Average daily user logins

99 .7 %

System Uptime

Long-term-care should not be stuck with archaic, hard-to-use, misfit software systems.

Our Story

We started building iCareManager in 2011 when Babar approached Kamal to help him digitize his assisted living facilities. They soon realized that their efforts could be converted to a full blown product that others could use and benefit from. With some initial funding, they bootstrapped this product where Babar, who came from the care-giving background, focused on business and Kamal focused on the technical part.

Why are we here?

After we started building this product, we realized that the overall healthcare sector not only works differently but also lags behind other industries on the technology curve. Long-term-care plays one of the most crucial roles within the delivery of healthcare and receives a sizeable spending, but it continues to suffer from non-availability of systems that are easy-to-use, cost-effective, and integrated. Additionally while the money and incentives were available for hospitals and medical groups to purchase and start using electronic medical record (EMR) systems, no such facilities were provided to long-term-care.

And that’s what we wanted to change.

We developed iCareManager to be a user-friendly system with the same reliability and compliance features that you’d expect from a large enterprise hospital system, but at a cost structure that matches how long-term-care works.

Our values

  • No Complacency: We are always in a state of movement where we are learning from our customers, industry, and the technical world and then moving the product. If we become complacent then the product becomes stale and our customers suffer. So we always learn, innovate, and build solutions.
  • Design Focused: Make things that look easy. It not only reduces confusion and stress for users but promotes better use of technology.
  • Learn & Pollinate: We share what we learn. We cross pollinate ideas, processes, and anything helpful.
  • Spread Happiness: We are in business of making those who are around us happy.

Our Leadership Team

So as they say, it is always the team behind.
You will feel the difference when you will see the product.

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Kamal Sheikh

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Babar Nawaz

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Gregory Franklin

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Allison Hartley

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Kari Tietjen

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Sania Dhillon

Customer Success Manager
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Bryan Sorrentino

System Implementation Manager
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Elizabeth DeMatto

System Implementation Manager
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Brittany McIntosh

System Implementation Manager
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Candice Urch

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Onika Parker

Customer Success Specialist
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Melissa Saucedo

Customer success Specialist
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Andrew Kelly

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Ricardo Ortega

Director of Sales & Marketing
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Jennie Thollander

Account Executive
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