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Topic 1: Implementation and Onboarding

Yes, we can customize the system for you and even develop customized features for you given that it doesn’t create a tangent in the product direction. There is a price associated with customizations which are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Typical time to fully implement iCM takes anywhere between 2-4 months, which includes training of staff and roll-out of the system.

We will partner with you to develop an implementation plan and ‘GO LIVE’ date based on your priorities and specific requirements.

After we develop your custom rollout plan we will meet weekly with your implementation team to complete setup tasks and keep your agency on track to go-live.

iCM provides free training as part of our on-boarding and implementation process. Remote trainings and/or face-to-face trainings can be scheduled as needed once the on-boarding and implementation is completed. In addition to training, iCM gives unlimited access to materials and resources.

Ongoing training is provided by a staff member at your agency. iCM will provide initial training and also train your trainer resources so that you may train your staff on an ongoing basis, as required.

The implementation process typically follows these steps:

iCM is a cloud-based system requiring only a browser and an internet connection. The system is highly responsive to mobile and tablet devices and can be used on any platform including Windows, iOS, and Android.

We can provide you with a demo account so you can explore iCM on your own. Once a contract is signed, we’ll create your account and we’ll begin working with your agency on getting started.

iCM is customizable and the team behind iCM actively and routinely works with all clients for the implementation of custom features. Types of customizations include additions to ADLs for tracking goals and outcomes of the people you support.

Yes, iCM integrates with your pharmacy’s system for placing and tracking orders.

Topic 2: System Usage

System admins can set up roles and permissions and also decide who can perform certain functions through iCM.

Our clients are notified via email in advance of any planned downtime for system maintenance. This is typically scheduled during overnight hours when there are less active users.

iCM team takes pride in constantly updating the system and its features, based on client feedback and State and Industry regulations. As a result, the software is updated frequently with new or improved features, enhanced front-end interface for better user experience and with the latest technology.

iCM has an easy-to-use interface so that staff can spend more time with the people they support.

Technical & Customer Support via phone is available Monday through Friday 8 am – 6 pm EST. However, the helpdesk is available 24 hours a day via email and customer ticketing system. We respond to all requests and questions promptly and no later than 4 hours from the receipt of the ticket.

Not at all! You will have more visibility into the day-to-day operations and compliance.

Topic 3: System Security and HIPAA Compliance

System admins can set up roles and permissions and also decide who can perform certain functions through iCM.

iCM is highly customizable. We have a process for reviewing and prioritizing requests for customizations and would be happy to review any needs you may have.

Yes, iCM is 100% HIPAA Compliant.

Each state is different and we strive to provide a solution to document services that your agency is accountable for. If there is something that is needed, just ask!

Yes, state surveys can be completed in iCM as needed. You can provide them temporary logins and provide access to requested clients or staff to complete a survey.

Topic 4: Cost

Monthly charges are based on census not number of users. An account with iCM is based on the number of active individuals/residents/persons supported by your organization. Click here to learn more: You have the option to lock your monthly fee to a set amount.

Most modules are included in the cost, however, there may be an additional fee associated with certain modules. We will gladly discuss this with you upfront.

All trainings are included as part of the monthly package at no additional cost to you.

In addition to access to all of the system's modules and features, the monthly subscription fee also covers the following:

  • The entire onboarding process
  • Integration with pharmacy systems as needed
  • Initial and on-going training
  • Data Import
  • Unlimited Technical Support