Manage your staff, sites, and
the entire organization

You have people to support and services for, but you still have an organization to run too

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Manage your staff

Easily manage one of your most crucial assets, your entire staff.

Maintain a roster of all employees with their profiles, locations and roles

Store e-signatures for each staff member

See active/suspended/terminated staff lists

Add, suspend, terminate staff members easily

Keep confidential information and staff activity logs

Build and manage staff groups

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Track staff training

Make sure your staff is properly trained even when they change their jobs & roles within your organization


Training Policies

Create policies that define which staff should be trained and then let the system enforce them


Person Centered Trainings

Easily identify which staff member is fully trained on a specific individual care plan


Fluid Dynamics

Ensure that all of your staff is fully trained even when their roles or jobs are changing within your organization


Classes & Quizzes

Let your staff sign-up for internal training classes based on availability and let them finish the training by taking quizzes.



We will tell you when your staff is up for a training renewal, needs to take a class, or when they pass a quiz

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Simplify training management.

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Training Management Dashboard. Get started with iCareManager.


Staff Clock In & Out

Have your staff record their time-cards in the same system where they perform their daily work

Have all your staff — salaried, hourly, temporary — clock in with the system even if they work in different capacities at different sites.

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No need to purchase wall mounted scanners or badges for your staff —
they can simply log in and clock in

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Define pay periods, earning codes, holidays observed, and the workflow rules for
submitting, reviewing, and approving time-cards

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Yes, we will integrate and transfer your time-cards to the pay roll processor of your choice

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Never miss a drill

Plan and execute simulated and instructional disaster drills and keep track with automated schedules

Automated drill schedules

Track time taken to conduct a drill

Create follow-ups for further improvements

Get notifications for misisng & upcoming drills

Drill tracking made easy

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Maintain your sites

Route all site maintenance requests to the right people and get the work done

Let your fontline staff create maintenance requests

Assign maintenance tickets to your staff

Get notifications for any outstanding work

An easy to use tool to help you manage maintenance requests within your organization

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Roles & Permissions

Define custom roles, set permissions, and work the way you like to work

Create and manage roles that
Assign permissions - decide who gets to access what part of the software and data
Assign staff to specific projects or people you serve
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We tackle the challenges start-ups face

Besides working with start-up enterprises as a partner for digitalization, we have built enterprise products for common pain points that we have encountered in various products and projects.

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