Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities (I/DD & DDA)

iCM's comprehensive data collection and management software system is designed specifically for organizations servicing the specialized needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

How does using iCareManager help you?

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Key features for IDD/DDA

  • Care Icon Manage Individuals
  • Care Icon CareTracker
  • Care Icon Attendance
  • Care Icon Employment
  • Care Icon eMAR
  • Care Icon Assessments
  • Care Icon Goals & Outcomes
  • Care Icon Individual Care Plans
  • Care Icon Activity Tracking
  • Care Icon Leads & Outreach
  • Care Icon Individual Specific/IP Trainings
  • Care Icon Alerts & Notification Center
  • Care Icon Incident Reporting Center
  • Icon Workflows
  • Icon Pharmacy Integrations
  • Icon Pharmacy Portal
  • Icon Physician or Provider Portal
  • Icon Internal Inbox
  • Icon Fax Documents
  • Icon Announcements
  • Icon Manage Staff
  • Icon Training Center
  • Icon Site & Fleet Maintenance
  • Icon Access Control & Permissions
  • Icon Remote Monitoring