Implementation Process

With our simple, no stress, onboarding process, you and your team can be up and running soon. Typical time to fully implement iCM (including customizations and pharmacy integrations) takes anywhere between 2-4 months. Download our Implementation Blueprint PDF to see an example roll-out timeline and steps.

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In this step we analyze any initial requirements for the customer. During this stage we determine any type of customization needed, such as client specific forms or custom workflow rules. We also determine whether an integration with a pharmacy is required.

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Data Import

Any and all patient records, pharmacy integrations and other data import is completed.

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Staff Training

Staff training is coordinated with your management team to get everyone in your facility fully acquainted with the iCM dashboard. Because of the ease of iCM, training can be done in a matter of hours, not days.

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Go Live!

During the Go Live phase we work closely with your management team to ensure a smooth transition and experience.

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