Empowering Case Management with Precision and Care

Streamline Your Case Management - Where Efficiency Meets Compassion

Welcome to the future of case management

Our integrated platform is designed to bring comprehensive solutions to your fingertips, transforming how you manage and monitor client data across multiple programs. With our intuitive and powerful tools, you can navigate the complexities of case management with ease and precision. Embrace a system where every client detail is a click away, and every management task is simplified.

Unified Client View

Seamless integration of client information across various programs for holistic management.

Demographic Dashboard

Detailed client demographics and management tools for enhanced client profiling.

Progress Tracking

Advanced Plans & Goal monitoring (PCP) to stay aligned with client objectives.

Structured Templates

Customizable case management templates for standardized reporting and efficiency.

Event Oversight

Comprehensive tracking and notification of reportable events within your network.

Monitoring & Forms

Tailored monitoring forms for precise data capture and outcomes management.

Care Levels and Reporting

Streamlined Level of Care assessments and Incident Reporting with trend analysis and BIRT reporting.

Financial Management

Effortless billing tracking and Medical Assistance (MA) status updates.

Staff Coordination

Manage staff demographics, licensure, certifications, and training with a dedicated tracking system.

Communication Made Simple

In-system messaging capabilities and direct fax services from within the system.

Signature and Security

Secure document handling with e-signature capabilities for efficient approvals.

Engagement Tools

Robust outreach and leads management features to expand your client base.

On-the-Go Access

Full mobile app integration for case management anytime, anywhere.

Workflow Efficiency

A dynamic Workflow Management System to streamline your daily tasks.

Alerts System

Real-time alerts and notifications to keep you informed and proactive.

Time Management

Staff clock-in/out features to monitor and optimize productivity.

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Key features for Case Management

Harness the power of a platform that adapts to your needs, streamlines your workflow, and allows you to focus on what truly matters — providing outstanding care and support to your clients.

  • Icon Client Demographics and Management
  • Icon Plans & Goal monitoring (PCP)
  • Icon Case Management Template
  • Icon Reportable Events
  • Icon Monitoring Forms
  • Icon Outcomes management & monitoring
  • Icon Level of Care
  • Icon Incident Reporting, review, sign-off, trending, & BIRT reporting
  • Icon Billing tracking
  • Icon Medical Appointments
  • Icon PCP Templates
  • Icon ReCON
  • Icon Eligibility Tracking
  • Icon Court Involvement
  • Icon MA (Medical Assistance) Status
  • Icon Waiver Status
  • Icon Staff Demographics and Management
  • Icon Track staff training & staff matching with clients
  • Icon Tracking of Staff Licensures & Certifications
  • Icon Staff productivity monitoring through CareTracker
  • Icon Custom & Business Intelligent Reporting Tool (BIRT)
  • Icon Sites and location Management
  • Icon In-system Messaging capability
  • Icon Ability to send & receive Fax messages directly from the system
  • Icon E-signature of documents
  • Icon Outreach & leads management
  • Icon Mobile App
  • Icon SnapTag
  • Icon Workflow Management System
  • Icon Alerts & Notification System
  • Icon Staff Clock-in/out