2019 – Year in Review

With 2020 off to a good start we thought we’d take a look back and share 5 major milestones we achieved last year.

1- Thousand Sites Target Crossed:

We crossed our goal for servicing 1,000 facilities and sites with a world-class tool for them to run efficiently. These sites actively use iCareManager to provide supports and services and are from cities all across the US and abroad. This includes providers like chapters of The Arc, Dasch, Unified Community Connections, Assisted Living Facilities, and more.


2- New Modules Introduced:

All throughout last year, we worked with our client partners to design and introduce new modules to help them derive even more value and benefit from using our system. Some of the major modules added last year include:

  • Person-Centered Planning (PCP) – planning of goals and supports for the people you support to better manage outcomes
  • LTSS Billing – a billing portal to facilitate your LTSS billing to the State
  • Attendance – to help you monitor attendance of the people you support
  • Training – a module designed to assist you in managing your training processes and requirements for your staff and the people you support
  • Care Tracker (updated version) – to help your staff track and log all the supports provided, ensuring delivery of the best possible service and documentation to support billable activities


icaremanager EHR software

3- Industry Workshops Conducted:

We presented a workshop at the recent MACS Conference (Maryland Association of Community Services) on how organizations can prepare for the upcoming LTSS billing requirements. We also held our first annual user conference for I/DD providers in Maryland. The attendance and response were amazing, and we look forward to connecting with our client community further in 2020.

4- Mobile App Beta Testing Started:

While iCM’s web app works well on all computers, tablets, and phones; we decided to make a companion mobile app for making the lives of our clients even easier. This app is currently being tested with selected beta users and will include on-the-go access to CareTracker, SnapTag, Attendance, and MyWork.


5- Team Expansion:

We have moved our development office into a bigger space and have hired more programmers and quality assurance staff as we continue to build features and modules to help provide a top of the line system for our clients.


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