Top 10 Medical Errors in Home Support Models and How eMAR Prevents Them

iCareManager October 11, 2021
Top 10 Medical Errors in Home Support Models and How eMAR Prevents Them

More and more, it’s becoming important for IDD/DDA, long-term care and assisted living providers to move their records management to an electronic health records (EHR) software platform. EHR software using eMAR, or Electronic Medication Administration Records can not only save time and money, it can prevent costly errors found using paper records. Below, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Medical Errors in Home Support Models and How eMAR Prevents Them.

1. Staff signing the wrong box on the paper Medication Administration Record (MAR)

With eMAR, the paper MAR is automatically signed once the staff member clicks the button in the eMAR app

2. Staff passing meds without looking at the MAR or the PMOF; such as giving meds in-home right out of blister packs.

eMAR will prevent errors like this by sending alerts to staff and management when meds are not signed for properly

3. Signing meds out late.

eMar exposes bad habits of staff such as signing meds out late. An example of this is instead of signing the meds when they give them, they sign for them all in the evening and do not do a 3-way check at time of administration. eMAR gives an hour-before and hour-after window as well as includes a med compliance meter.

4. Incorrect discontinue (d/c) of meds, or continue to give d/c’d medications.

On a paper MAR, if meds get added or discontinued, someone has to physically add or remove them from a piece of paper at the home. With eMAR, this happens from a computer or device integrated with the pharmacy in real time which alleviates errors in posting or discontinuing.

5. Discrepancies in narcotics count at the end of a shift.

On paper MAR, there is low visibility into ensuring this is done at the end each shift. Electronic MAR provides in-system accountability for the count of controlled substances.

6. Pre-pouring or consuming all pills before proper medication times.

In eMAR, an in-app compliance meter shows you if meds are given on time and where people may be struggling.

7. Medications given to the wrong person.

Electronic MAR forces a 3-way check that ensures the right meds are given to the right person every time.

8. Administering meds on time.

eMAR software eliminates 80% of these types of oversights and errors.

9. Giving STAT orders, antibiotics, or other short term meds for too long.

An eMAR system will automatically discontinue these types of orders.

10. Continued use of non-effective medications.

eMAR has PRN result monitoring where the system prompts you to check effectiveness of medication during visits

If your organization is ready to take the next step towards Electronic Medication Administration Record software and the freedom and accuracy that comes with it, iCareManager can help. Visit our home page to learn more or to request a demo today!