Person-Centered Planning: Your One Stop Shop

iCareManager November 2, 2021
Person-Centered Planning: Your One Stop Shop

Person-Centered Planning can be beautiful or it can be a headache based on what systems you have in place to manage it for your agency. Here at iCM – we make it beautiful! iCareManager’s Person Centered Plan Module consists of many features to support your agency’s Person Centered Planning Process from the initial planning process all the way through to reviewing progress once a plan has been implemented.

Here’s how:

PCP Template

The PCP Template allows you to configure a workflow around your PCP process. Do you have standard operating procedures leading up to an annual PCP date? Just plug those into our template, and let iCM do the work. iCM will drop tasks in responsible staff’s My Work bin so they can see what they need to do to keep the PCP on Track. iCM will also give you an indicator when a PCP is falling off track or out of compliance.

Care/Goal Tracker

PCP Goals are entered and once the PCP is implemented, tracked through the Care/Goal Tracker. This allows you to collect valuable data about the progress of a person towards achieving their goals. A Provider Implementation Plan and a Service Implementation Plan can be generated which details all the services you will provide for each program, goals and outcomes related to each program, and other important things about the person like their staffing ratio, safety assessment, and individualized schedule.

Service Templates

Service Templates allow you to create a library of frequently used Outcomes, Goals and Strategies so these can be repeatedly used for individuals.

PCP Service Authorization

The PCP Service Authorization section of the PCP module is designed to help you keep track of where you are in the service authorization process, and allows for better tracking for the reasons of delay or issues with the service authorization. When you decide what services are needed for the person, you enter them into iCM. Then you compare what the CCS has entered in the PCP/LTSS to make sure everything matches up. You can even compare this year with last year’s services. You can define whether there was a requested change, no change from last year, authorized by DDA, or rejected with a reason.

PCP Review

Once the PCP is Implemented, goal data is being tracked on the CareTracker where data is available and can be reviewed through iCM’s PCP Review. This is a document or report that is done periodically as a statement of how the implementation of the PCP is going.

PCP Reports

You can run a report to see what PCP’s are on track, off track, and out of compliance. This helps a busy user focus their efforts on what matters most to keep PCP’s moving along.

“I really can’t thank iCM enough for doing this – we’ve been through a full licensing survey since implementing iCM and the reviewers really liked the Provider Implementation Plan from iCM.

Each step in our template has a timeframe on when it is supposed to be completed. Then the service contacts are alerted as steps need to start or when they are getting close to being due. We use the reports in iCM to track whether a PCP is on track or out of compliance. What I really like about having the PCP in iCM, with turnover and COVID, is that anyone can step in and see exactly where a person is with their PCP.”

Lisa Ackerman

Director of Quality Assurance at Richcroft

Does your current system thoroughly track your PCP’s as an agency? Let us show you how iCM can do all of these things for you, and so much more! Schedule a demo today!