5 Tools for Effective Management of Your I/DD Organization

iCareManager June 7, 2021
i/DD EHR For Track Compliance | iCareManager


If you are using a software system like iCareManager, chances are you have data at your fingertips. But are you using it every day to effectively manage your organization? Here are 5 habits you can employ to leverage your leadership game with data.


  1. Have a quick way to ensure your staff are completing their daily tasks in providing services to people you support. In iCM, there is a Compliance Meter in the Care Tracker where leaders can quickly gauge what percentage of services have been provided, and what’s been missed so they can immediately follow-up to stay in compliance. This encompasses everything from Person-Centered Plan goal activities, to support with activities of daily living. Make sure people you support are getting the services they need every day.


  1. Monitor your organizations medication compliance. Ensure you have a system where you can see a percentage of medication compliance. In iCM you can receive alerts when medications are not given and correct medication errors in real time.


  1. Send important announcements to your staff. With iCM, you can send an announcement out to all staff (or segments depending on what you need) and ensure they get the message while they are signed into the system completing their daily tasks.


  1. Get alerts when important tasks are coming up due. With iCM, leadership can receive alerts on just about anything that is coming up due, allowing them to step in and support staff as needed to get the job done. For example, scheduling that PCP meeting to keep your PCP’s on track, or completing that important fire drill.


  1. Stay on top of your staff trainings. iCM will automatically alert your staff for you when their trainings are due to expire, and you can monitor your training compliance for each training. Got your general trainings covered? Make sure you are maximizing your use of iCM to track those person-specific trainings, like delegations and PCP training.


What good is data without practical use? With iCM, leaders have a great tool to get useful information, right at their fingertips each day.