CareTracker and eMAR modules are in full action during COVID-19

iCareManager April 16, 2020
eMAR For Assisted Living Care Tracker | iCareManger


With a number of our customers moving their staff to remote working positions, there is an increased reliance on iCM to enable productivity. Today we’d like to talk about two of these modules that are being used, the CareTracker and the eMAR feature.



CareTracker is a module in iCM’s software that enables agencies to do their daily documentation in just a few clicks. DSPs have been deemed essential workers during this time of crisis and are continuing to provide services to the people they support. Because of iCM they can simply log and track all the support they provide into CareTracker with just a few simple user-friendly clicks, thereby alerting their supervisors and managers of progress.

With this, administrators can monitor their services remotely with real-time visibility into the status of service being provided – everything from everyday activities of daily living, to progress toward a person’s desired goals and outcomes. After this information is aggregated, it can then easily be flowed into billable Service Notes in an efficient single-click manner. These Service Notes showcase meaningful person-centered data with graphs on goal progressions.

Using iCM’s CareTracker module, organizations are saving time, maintaining records, reducing transcription costs, streamlining workflows, generating Service Notes, and staying paperless.



The second module we’d like to highlight is eMAR which integrates directly with pharmacies. Administering medications without a proper electronic system is usually one of the most stressful tasks for NRs and DSPs, especially when they have to pass a large number of meds within desired time-frames. This is where iCM’s eMAR helps to make the process smooth, efficient, and error-free.

eMARs help to reduce errors by clearly showing which medication is to be administered when, the type of medication (controlled vs regular), remaining inventories for controlled medications, and more. It tracks the names and timestamps of when a specific medication has been administered and allows you to automatically generate reports. So, essentially, it ensures that the correct medication is administered in the correct dose at the correct time to the correct person. If the person you’re supporting receives a new medication from the pharmacy, all you have to do is click on “verify order” and it will automatically get added into the system.

Going over MARs digitally, as opposed to paper, saves time, and ensures compliance. The system also alerts managers or nurses if a person’s medication is overdue to catch and correct errors in real-time.