Introducing iCM’s Updated Mobile App

iCareManager June 29, 2020
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We’re delighted to announce that we’re releasing a new version of iCM’s mobile app to make your work life even easier. It is now available in both Android and iOS app stores for download.

iCareManager EHR iCareManager EHR

This new version of the app offers an enhanced user experience as well as some great new features. As always, we’re thankful to all of our customers who have provided us with valuable ideas and feedback on how to make the lives of your DSPs (and managers) easier.

iCareManager EHR


Here is how you can benefit from the app:

Check people in/out of attendance by scanning a QR code badge:

iCareManager EHR


We’ve made the process of checking people in and out as simple as a quick QR scan using your phone’s camera. This QR code scans with geolocation giving you electronic visit verification (EVV), showing that you were with the person at the required location and time.

Track attendance with ease:


iCareManager EHR

Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

You can see a quick video demo of how attendance and QR code scanning works here. In addition to scanning with QR code, you can also check-in/out by searching for the person from the database.

Take and post photos of activities using SnapTag:


iCareManager EHR

Your staff can take photos from their mobile devices of onsite activities that they are doing and post them in a live feed for the team to see. All photos can be tagged to individual people that you support.

iCareManager EHR


This SnapTag feature is incredibly useful for storing meaningful and rich data about your services and supports.

Access your tasks and schedules using MyWork:


iCareManager EHR

DSPs don’t have to log in to the web portal to see their tasks and assignments. They can simply log in to the mobile app and get all info directly on their phones, while they are on the go.

Get alerts for incident reports, messages, and other app notifications:


iCareManager EHR

You can get alerted on your mobile devices for any important update (such as filing of an incident report) so that you don’t miss out on anything important, even if you’re not near your computer.

Manage your people lists:


iCareManager EHR


You can access the entire list of people you support directly through the mobile app. Managed Long Term Care Support And Services are listed in an easy to browse format so that you can quickly get to the information you’re looking for.

Lookup details about the people you support using Facesheet:


iCareManager EHR

Sometimes you need to quickly access information about a person, such as allergies, medications, diagnoses, contacts, etc. With Facesheet, you can search for the person in the database and get all of that info in one place.

Access CareTracker to better manage the people you support:


iCareManager EHR

The CareTracker feature helps your staff track and log all the support provided – ensuring delivery of the best possible service. This includes everything from activities of daily living, to progress toward a person’s desired goals and outcomes. This information can later easily be flowed into billable Service Notes.

The app works in conjunction with your iCM’s web-based subscription. If you don’t currently use iCM for your organization, you can contact us to get started.