Is your agency on top of Attendance and Billing during COVID-19

iCareManager June 5, 2020
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With a number of our customers moving their staff to remote working positions, there is an increased reliance on iCM to enable productivity. Today we’d like to talk about two of these modules that are being used, Attendance and Billing.




For individuals that attend programs through i/DD agencies, accurate attendance is quite important. Not recording the correct information can lead to the loss of funding or even Medicaid Billing Software fraud. We have a system in place for multi-layer approval of attendance records.

Once your DSPs are in the attendance module, they can see all individuals in their program as well as programs they are not responsible for. Although, they can only record attendance in the programs they are assigned to. When they open the calendars for specific individuals, they will see their programs and their attendance log. This is where they can add attendance by entering the start and end times. The time is of utmost importance and this information drives funding. Attendance is recorded in one section and absence due to illness in the other.  Individual calendars that have PS (pending start) or PD (pending discharge) populated in the boxes for the days of the month are also visible.

Once they have entered all the records for attendance they can mark them as ‘done’. As per your organization’s protocol, attendance approval will then move through a series of levels for approval: from the first review to the second review to approved. The final step will be to have it marked as ‘billed’. The intended outcome of having multiple levels of approval is to reduce or eliminate errors.


LTSS Billing

LTSS Billing:

For billing, you can login to iCM and select “Manage Funding Streams”. Make sure that each of your i/DD services is linked to a funding stream and appropriate units are setup (e.g. hourly, daily, 15-mins, etc.)

Once done, simply enter the LTSS Identifier for each funding stream along with the Medical Assistance Number (or site-based MA numbers, if relevant.)  You can then enter the LTSS ID against each person’s profile. All of this information will be required to upload billing from iCM to LTSS and will be pulled to iCM’s Billing View along with attendance data, to upload from iCM to LTSS.