LTSS billing starts July 2020, but don’t worry…

iCareManager October 4, 2019
LTSS Medicaid Billing Application - Person-Centered Planning | iCareManger

With iCM you’ll be able to…

  • Create a Person-Centered Planning workflow for your staff to stay on top of the Person-Centered Planning (PCP) process, ensuring there is no interruption in payment or service delivery for the people you support.
  • Get alerts when a PCP is falling out of compliance or coming up due. For example, you can get an alert if the Implementation Date is 20 days out and you are still waiting on a draft for final review.
  • Track the status and accuracy of service alignment and service authorizations.
  • Understand service utilization in real-time; get alerts when people are not using hours within a given month.
  • Generate a Provider Implementation Plan to send to the Coordinator of Community Services.
  • Generate a Service Note for billing justification.

And of course…upload your billing data to LTSS!

All agencies now have the LTSS ID Field showing under the Person’s Profile, Basic Information. This ID will be critical to have in ICM Medication Adminstration Service in order to upload attendance data to LTSS in July 2020. Agencies should begin entering LTSS ID’s into ICM now. You can find out someone’s LTSS ID by pulling a report from PCIS2 called Consumers In Service. We can import the LTSS ID for you if you send us a report with the first and last name and the LTSS ID.

We are excited to be a part of the DDA LTSS Billing or Medicaid Billing Software Pilot – customers in the pilot group will begin billing through LTSS in December 2019.

More to come….look out for us at the MACS Leadership Conference in December, we will be having a workshop on Gearing up for LTSS Billing.