New Mobile App and other System Updates!

iCareManager July 13, 2020
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As you know, we’re continuously improving our software to make the experience better for you, your teams, and the people you serve. We’re excited to share some recent system updates with you from last month.

iCareManager EHR

Mobile App Version 2

With the updated companion app, DSPs can scan QR codes for attendance of the people they serve, get geolocation-based electronic verification (EVV), snap and tag photos of their services, and add reports/updates right from where they are in the field.
iCareManager EHR

Nursing Plan Update

In the ‘nursing care plan’ module, you can add goals to each diagnosis, which will show up in a new column. There are also some other enhancements and label changes you may notice to make this module more user-friendly for your nurses.
iCareManager EHR

Messaging Updates

You can now write a single reply that is private between you and the sender and also organize messages in threads. Additionally, you can message all trainees registered for a class from the Class Management screen for sending reminders, such as “dress comfortably.”
iCareManager EHR

Training Permissions Have Moved

All training permissions are visible under the feature “Training” for easier management. There is a new training permission called “manage training for discharged people” which grants role-based access to training records on people who have been discharged.
iCareManager EHR

PCP Service Authorization Update

We have launched a new Service Authorization feature within the Person-Centered Planning Module to support you in keeping track of the status of services you are requesting.
iCareManager EHR

PCP Review is now Printable!

You can now generate a PDF of the PCP Review for printing or e-mailing. This makes the process of reporting and record-keeping incredibly useful for management.
iCareManager EHR

Document Upload Upgrade

The drag and drop feature for uploading documents is now even more efficient. When you upload a group of documents, the file name will appear as the Document Title, so you don’t have to worry about renaming each one. For the same types of documents, you can easily “Copy this type to all” to save time.
iCareManager EHR

Training Materials Upgrade

In the Training Policy for each person-specific training, you can upload training documents, videos, or make notes for any staff needing training on that particular topic. These training materials would apply universally for any person you serve who has this type of support.