Is your i/DD agency equipped to do remote work?

iCareManager May 13, 2020
Best Remote Work I/DD EHR Software - iCareManger

Remote Work is Here to Stay:

This COVID-19 pandemic has pushed organizations to switch to remote working models. There have been numerous studies on how remote workers are more productive and satisfied compared to on-site staff. However, rushed transitions into work-from-home positions without equipping your staff with the right tools is not the best approach to handling this shift. You have to fundamentally alter the way you manage your programs/sites, communicate, and collaborate. Of course, once you have the processes and tools in place, managing remote staff can be a breeze.

It Requires a Shift in Corporate Culture:

To be successful in the Long Term Care EHR Software, organizations will need to adjust their operating model to be more flexible and have a more connected and collaborative corporate culture. Along with a structured approach to managing this shift, a reliable software solution that you can adopt quickly is crucial to keep productivity high.

Pick the right software solution for your agency to work remotely:

Selecting the right tool can be a pretty straightforward process:

  1. Begin by researching online for a software solution that will help you manage things remotely based on all of your feature requirements and budgets.
  2. Once you have identified tools that could be relevant, request for online demos so that you can see them in action and compare their usability. Be sure to ask the right questions about pricing, training, implementation processes, how it works, and feature capabilities.
  3. Based on the demos, select the one that fits your existing workflows and budgets and module/feature requirements the best.
  4. Once you’ve decided which tool to go with, you can work with them to plan your implementation rollout. As an example, when iCM is working with new clients, we build a detailed implementation plan based on their existing workflows, sites and programs, services, module priorities*, preferred timelines, phase-wise adoption in sites/cities, etc. We also offer customizations for each client, complete training of staff members, future training for new staff members, and other onboarding practices – all free of cost. All features/modules are included in the package and we only charge a fixed monthly fee based on the number of people that you support.
  5. Once everything is implemented and your staff is trained, you’re good to go.

With a good software backbone, you can ensure that your staff is adapting to these times – all the way from DSP levels to executives – so that everything can be managed remotely with proficiency.

* An example of some of the modules being used a lot remotely by our clients: Maintenance requests, CareTracker, eMAR, Incident Reporting, Training Management.