Working round-the-clock to provide support during COVID-19

iCareManager March 25, 2020
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At this unprecedented challenging time of crisis for the world, our country, and notably providers of long term services and supports, we would like to take a moment to remind you of some general guidance from authorities and also mention some ways that providers are using iCM to help meet their challenges. 

General But Important Reminders on How to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

Providers of Long Term Services and Supports have a challenge and a responsibility to maximize the protection of people under support during this pandemic crisis, because our clients and staff may be at higher risk due to frequent close contact which can’t entirely be avoided.

We feel it’s important for us to echo recommendations of the CDC and of the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration in a community effort to keep crucial guidelines front and center:

  1. Most importantly, follow the guidelines from your state’s Department of Health and the CDC.
  2. Remind and require your staff to wash their hands, and stay home if they are sick. 
  3. Help the people you support to wash their hands, minimize contact with other people, and to seek help immediately if they are sick.
  4. Clean and disinfect homes and facilities.
  5. Take steps to minimize exposure, especially for people you support who have chronic health conditions.

How iCM Can Help:

Below we list just a few examples of actions we have seen some of our associated agencies take using iCM as one tool in their toolkit during this time of crisis.

We ask you to let us know of other ways you may be using iCM that have proven helpful, so we can share them with other agencies. Sharing information on effective, innovative actions can save lives by prevention. 

Create an announcement with important visitor protocols, handwashing, and other critical reminders.

iCM can streamline this process, and increase the reach and appropriate frequency of announcements so that everyone not only gets important messages but gets them with enough appropriate frequency and repetition.

Remember how information flows and is absorbed in real life. Advertisements, public service announcements, and other crucial information aren’t usually maximally effective on a one-and-done basis. Especially in stressful situations, people need to see a message more than once for its content and importance to truly sink in. 

iCM can make the process of appropriate repetition, explanation, and emphasis easy. 

Set up CareTracker to remind staff and document on proper handwashing frequency and technique.

You can use CareTracker to remind your staff and others of the importance of proper hand-washing techniques and frequency. Also by providing an easy way for them to document this important contribution in the crucial effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus, you can know that your organization is following this crucial protocol.

Pull reports to identify people who may be at a higher risk for infection, based on diagnosis and/or age.

The timely flow of detailed, granular information saves lives. iCM makes it possible for staff to pull reports identifying individuals who may be at increased risk based on existing diagnoses such as diabetes, COPD, and any other diagnoses your medical professional team members advise you of. 

In this pandemic, speed is important. iCM can save your staff hours of precious time in identifying challenges, taking necessary precautions, responding to any crisis, and documenting actions taken.

Take your work online

With iCM, you can manage your entire workload and tasks online with complete access. If you have implemented a work-from-home policy for your workforce to protect them from the infection, our EHR system will enable them to securely access the system through their laptops and mobile phones.


Contact us 

Contact us for immediate help in understanding how to use iCM to accomplish any of these objectives — or for any other questions you may have at this time of crisis. We are here for you.